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Topik: Composition and parameters of vacuum suction system

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Oleh Composition and parameters of vacuum suction system

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Menyertai: 08.05.2020
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Composition and parameters of vacuum suction system

Use the vacuum pump or fan as the power source to make the inside of the system vacuum. The material moves in the pipeline in the suspended state. The working gas and the material are separated by the separator. This is vacuum suction.

Compared with other material conveying methods, vacuum suction has the advantage of simple equipment. It occupies less area, reliable suction conveying, and simple operation. It can be conveyed from several places to one place. It can also be distributed from one place to several places. It can be continuous discharge and intermittent discharge; the whole system is in operation. Negative pressure. No dust. Good working conditions. In contrast, its shortcomings are high energy consumption and more serious wear at the elbow. Some equipment abroad solves this problem by lining the inner wall of the elbow with soft rubber.

Vacuum suction can be divided into high vacuum suction and low vacuum suction according to different vacuum levels and vacuum pumps. High vacuum suction generally uses jet pumps and water ring pumps as the power source. The vacuum of the system is high, generally 5?104~3?104Pa. The airflow is also the smallest. At present, the largest SZ-4 water ring vacuum pump in China has a theoretical air flow of only 660m?/h when the degree of vacuum is 60%. Low vacuum suction generally uses centrifugal fans and ventilators as the power source. The straightness of the system is low. Generally it is 9?104~8?104Pa, so the conveying distance is close. It is not more than 50m, but the air volume is large. Such as the frequently used 7-17-9 1/2 fan. The air volume can reach 1800m3/h.

Vacuum suction has been widely used at home and abroad. From the loading and unloading of large ships to metallurgy. The transportation of bulk materials in foundry factories and flour mills, breweries, dust collection, dust removal, ash treatment, etc. In short, as long as there are bulk materials transportation and transportation, this method can be used. . The data reported that the vacuum suction device has been produced in specialized manufacturers abroad, and the stereotyped components of the entire system have been standardized and serialized.

The vacuum suction system mainly includes silo, suction nozzle, seat separator, separation silo, dust collector, water ring pump and other components.

Water Ring Vacuum Pump

industrial vacuum pumps,vacuum furnaces

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