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Promo Website

If the resource you were rating at the time you clicked on the 'remote rate' link was your own, you may be interested in several of the remote 'Rate a Website' options we have available. These allow you to place an image (or even a rating form) on your script's web site in order to increase the number of votes your website receive. Please choose from one of the options listed below if this is something you are interested in:

Tolong jangan menipu...

We have had several cases where a website has been removed from the directory due to cheating involved with our rating system. We usually find these, even when they are very obscure, either from user reportings or routine checks by staff. By being removed from the directory, you'll lose more accesses than you ever would by falsely bolstering your rating value.

1. Link Teks

One way to link to the rating form is through a simple text link, such as:

Beri Rating Website ini @ Portal Komuniti ::

The HTML code you should use in this case, is the following:

nombor '65' pastikan Link anda betul.

2. Link Imej Kecil

Jika hendak menggunakan Link berbentuk imej:

Klik kanan pada imej dan 'Save Image As'. Bitte verlinken Sie nicht das Bild von unserer Seite! Salin imej ke website anda untuk menukar Link

3. Borang Rating

Die Regeln um unser Bewertungsformular auf Ihrer Webseite einsetzen zu dürfen sind sehr streng. Wenn wir eine Webseite entdecken, die diese zu akzeptierenden Regeln verletzt, werden wir alle Stimmen für diese Webseite löschen und diese Webseite aus unserer Datenbank Portal Komuniti :: entirely. The only voting mechanisms required on a remote site are the form types shown below, unless you get permission to use a different rating form scheme. Basically, we want the default vote set to -- and the user must be able to freely choose from 1 - 10. Any site that we find that is attempting to submit all 10s or something similar when a user simply hits submit will be in violation of the remote rating rules.

Having said that, here is what the current remote rating form looks like. If we get significant user feedback, we will create others. If you wish to have something custom made on your site, feel free, but make sure you get it approved by us and that it follows the basic guidelines set forth above.


Gunakan borang ini untuk rating secara terus dari website. Gunakan Source Code ini:

Terima kasih! Jika ada sebarang soalan, sila beritahu.

- Portal Komuniti :: Team

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