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Commander Of Al-Quds Gives First Hand Account Of The Khubar Operation
 Posted on Selasa, 22 Jun 2004 @ 21:17:13oleh Hanan
Berita muslimin23 menulis There is much controversy surrounding the events that occurred during the Khobar incident in Saudi Arabia. Here is an interview by Jihad Voice magazine conducted with Fawwaaz M. An-Nashmy, the Commander of Al-Quds Brigade, that carried out the attack and was one of the four Mujahideen who was on the ground that day. He provides an in-depth account of the events as they occurred.
We are publishing this uncut, and uncensored without editing for grammer.

We remind our viewers that the statements, opinions and points of view expressed in this article are those of the author and shall not be deemed to mean that they are necessarily those of Jihad Unspun, the publisher, editor, writers, contributors or staff.The Jihad Voice Magazine: At the beginning, we welcome our brother Fawwaaz; please give us a brief of your preparation for this operation?

The Commander of Al-Quds Brigade: In the name of ALLAH, and peace upon his prophet Mohammad, ALLAH welcome you. Regarding the Khubar Battle or the Khubar Operation, the decision was that it's going to be a Martyrdom Operation, no way back. The brothers, I ask ALLAH to secure and keep those who left and accept who has been killed, they were putting in mind that they will fight until they dia, and achieve the meaning of how to dip unprotected into the enemy, because of the strength of the targets as well as the guarding on it. In fact the entire site is (military) settlements, looks as you are in a Western state, the heavy arsenal, Hummer vehicles and check points were every 200m between each, and you found weapons and armed soldiers.

Days before, the brothers met and put the plan, after Fajr prayer the brothers were preparing things, (The Final Review). Our brother Abu Haajir (Abdul-Azeez Al-Mugrin Al-Qaida leader in Arabia) assigned me to be in charge of the group, I'm not worthy of command, but I consider it as a test from ALLAH. I met with the brothers and explained the targets, the plan, and show them the targets, for the second time we explore and memorize the way to the sites.
The day of operation, we finalized the dividing of roles, I was the car driver and our brother Nimr Albogomi (martyred, may ALLAH accept him) is beside me and our brother Hussein behind me and our fourth brother Naadir is behind Nimr, the car is a Maxima. On the night of the operation I parked the car and put the explosives in it, because the third site (a housing compound) was the most strictly secured compound in all the Eastern Province, which was only 500m away from the palace of Muhammad bin Fahd (The governor of the Eastern Region and son of king Fahd). It's well known that compound is one of the largest prostitution and debauchery pasturage. The compound is big and full of villas. The compound is called "Alsaani' Compound". The truth is that it is belong to Muhammad bin Fahd, Alsaani's ownership is only a cover. Our plan says that after we were through with the first two sites, (The two Oil Companies); we proceed to the residential compound. If the emergency forces were gathered, the decision is to drive into them and explode the car in order to open a path for the brothers.

The Jihad Voice Magazine: What is the size of these compounds?

The Commander of Al-Quds Brigade: During my lifetime, I have never seen like these compounds, it is located in the golden belt area: rich area and full of palaces, the Eastern Province governor is living there, we were able to see the marines walk out of it with there uniforms, the compound is approximately 3km by 3km and a number of gates, it is a huge area.

The Jihad Voice Magazine: What about the companies?

The Commander of Al-Quds Brigade: The first Company is Arabian Petroleum Investments Company It is one of the American Halliburton subsidiaries, it has a role in Iraq, and the truth is, it is one of the largest international companies.

The Jihad Voice Magazine: How things started?

The Commander of Al-Quds Brigade: We went out of the house at 05:45am. Near the site we changed our cloths, and we put on our Ji'aab (ammunition bags?!) and weapons. We asked ALLAH's help to ease our mission, the Company's building has two gates, we went to the first one, our brother Nimr and all the others went out of the car, and they asked the guard to open the gate, there was a person behind the gate and the fence, and two of the security personnel were outside and one inside, the one who can open the gate, the brothers asked him to open the gate, but he refused, then the brothers decided to break into but he has hidden himself behind the counter. We were in a hurry to get through with this Company so we can continue to the other Company, then we went to the other gate and we break into it and we dealt with it's guards, as soon as we entered the area we spotted the British guy (Company's Investments Manager), ALLAH sent him to his end, his mobile is shown on TV, as it was seen on the front seat (of his car) covered with blood, and we left him (his body) in the street. We went out and we tied one leg of the ('Ilj) (�Ilj = fat red-coloured Kaafir, a derogatory term), got into the car and drove out to face the police, the first one to drive toward us was a police patrol jeep. We killed the driver and we engaged with the others (police personnel) until we broke through their lines, all of them. Thanks to ALLAH we memorized more than access road to the second site. So when the police closed the first road, so that there was no way to go back through the same access, then we went through the other route (coast road then Khubar road � Dammaam high way) about 4km, the cloths of the ('Ilj) were ripped and he became naked, the street was full of people � it is working time � everyone has seen the dragging of the ('Ilj).

When we reached one of the fly-overs, we faced an ambush of the tyrants' dogs (derogatory term for the Saudi Police), the guards of the Americans, we engaged and clashed with them, during our advance in the middle of the bridge, the rope, with which we tied the ('Ilj), broke, so the body of the ('Ilj) drop down to fall in between the four traffic lights to bee seen by every one there.
The brothers have clashed with the police patrols while they are saying " ALLAH-u-Akbar � lah Elaha Ella ALLAH", because of ALLAH's Grace, we overwhelmed and broke through the ambush. We resumed our mission to proceed to the other Company: Petroleum Centre (the same style, a Companies compound), we arrived at the gate. The brothers felt a wonderful tranquillity and calmness, we thank ALLAH for it, we came out of the car, and the brothers were walking as if they are in a picnic or walking leisurely in park!!
We entered finding young main of the Arabian Peninsula wearing Aramco's uniforms. They were wondering and asking what the matter is, and what is happening?! We were telling them to be calm and not to be afraid because we do not want you, we want the Americans. All four of us entered together, we met the Arab employees, saying hallo to all of them, and asking them where is the Americans? All the employees and all the others we met were strongly amazed and wondering, saying: What is the matter?! Who are you?! We responded: (We are Mujahideen wanting the Americans, we did not come her to point our weapons towards Muslims but we came to cleanup the Arabian peninsula off the faithless and polytheists who are killing our brothers in Afghanistan and Iraq, in accordance with the behest of Prophet Mohammad peace upon him, and we want you to guide us to them).

We went up stair, the building contain several companies, there was several doors, every time we open a door we found a big lounge contain a many offices and the main office behind a glass partition, we enter one of the companies and we found an American ('Ilj), who seems to be a director of one of the companies, I enter the office, I called him.. When he looked at me, I shoot him with one bullet exploding his brain. We went into another office and also we found a South African ('Ilj), Hussein killed him with his knife. We went down the building and at the gate we found our brother Nimr, the hero, guarding us at the gate; he was drinking water as if he were in a picnic, because he was too brave, merciful on his soul. We went out and get in the car, we found forces rushing to defend the Americans, some of them seem to be from the U.S. Marines, we clashed with them, and this is the third tome we engaged them. An amazing cowardice was evident from there acts: they kept too far away, when we advance towards them, they retreat back further far away.

We went toward the third site � the most guarded one, the plan was to keep in the car until we become side to side with the American's Hummer car. The moment we were close by it, all the brothers started saying ALLAH Akkbar and start shooting at them, I saw the soldier who was standing behind the machine gun, saw his scull exploding, and thanks ALLAH. I think that the driver was killed too.
The plan was to enter through the exit door, and when we enter to explode the car at them so that the brothers could keep on proceeding. At our arrival we passed the Hummers, engaged with them and defeated them. Near one of the gates ALLAH drove to us one of the security guards (we saw him in the street) we ordered him to open the gate, so we were not in need to explode the car.

Brother Nimr was loping while walking into the compound and we drove through the main street inside the compound (the compound is very big, it measures by kilometres and it contains several sub-compounds), then we went on to one of the tall buildings. Brother Nimr, Mercy on his soul, he pushed the door very hard until it opened, we entered facing a lot of people, we were asking them about their religion and identifications, we took this chance to call for Islam and to tell them about our target, and we talked with many of them, during this time we spot a Swedish ('Ilj), brother Nimr cut his head and place it (the head) at the gate so everyone can see it!!

We continue looking for the ('Ilj)s and when we found one of them we cut his throat. During this time, we hear the sirens of the police patrols and the other forces amassed outside, but the cowards were not brave enough to storm in or clash with us. About 45 minutes to one hour have passed since the operation started, we continued combing the site looking for ('Ilj)s, we found a Philippino Christians, killed them, and dedicated them to our brothers the Mujahideen in Philippine, and we found Hindu Engineers, we slit their throats too. Thanks to ALLAH that we clean the land of Prophet Muhammad, peace upon him, from a number of Christian and polytheists that day.

After that we went toward the hotel, we enter and found a restaurant, so we ate breakfast and rested for a while, then we went up to the first floor and found some Hindu dogs which we slaughtered. I ordered the brothers: put the bodies in the stairs, so when the idols' soldiers (another derogatory term for the Saudi Police) attempt to attack us, they will see the bodies and get terrified. It seems that I was too optimistic; because no one of these cowards entered the building until we left. We take the chance to hold a Koran reading circle for the remaining Muslims, and we taught them how to read the Fatiha perfectly, and they seem to be too amazed about us saying: How could you do that (teaching Koran) in this current flammable situation??!! Thanks to ALLAH Who enabled us to do so.
The Muslim Indians informed us that their Manager is a malicious Hindu and he does not let them perform their regular prayer, and he will be coming in a while, when he came, we made sure, from his identifications, that his religion is Hindu, then we kept him with us for a while. I called the Aljazeera News TV, and they made an interview with us, but they did not dare transmit it. I informed them that I am talking to them from inside the compound, and that we target only the Infidels. I went to one of the rooms to watch the TV news, and I saw the mission news covered by some stations. About 5 hours have passed since the operation started; the announced news was that the Emergency Forces started now to storm the compound! I assigned each of the brothers in a certain place of the hotel, to be ready to counter any attack on us by the Government dogs (another derogatory term for the Saudi Police).

At 2 O�clock they finally attacked led by an officer, we could see them well from our positions, we throw grenades at them. The Officer was killed and the soldiers wounded, thanks ALLAH. They were yelling at their brothers in the rear line saying ..." we want to go out ", "By ALLAH: get us out ... get us out ". We were shouting: "ALLAH Akbar" and shouting: "ALLAH is our Ally and no Ally for you, to the devils playground-fire and bad destiny�. Nimr, mercy on him, was yelling to some one of them: (Come closer coward, come!!), while the other is running away from him!!

They started heavy shooting at the hotel until the Asr Prayer time (after 15.00 h); during this time we killed this Hindu dog, who did not allow the Muslim employees to perform their regular prayers. We guided all the Muslims to the higher floors to protect them from the aimless bullets of the Emergency Forces. We stayed down there waiting for those cowards, during this time, brother Hussein was in the stairways when he so the Italian ('Ilj), he pointed his weapon at him and ordered him to come closure, the ('Ilj) came closure, we checked his identifications, so, we decided that he call the Aljazeera News TV Channel, so that he may send a massage to his people to warn them from fighting against Islam and the people of Islam, and then kill him and dedicate him to the Italians fighting our brothers in Iraq and to the foolish president of Italy, who is seeking a confrontation with the lions of Islam. We called the Aljazeera news TV Channel (again), I said to the news presenter to talk to him, they started talking, the news presenter was asking me does the Italian speech English?! I said to him, do you have an Italian translators? He said: yes, I said: (Then let him speech by his language), he then talked for a few minutes, and I asked the news presenter, did you record it? He said: yes, then the Italian has been killed by the hero Nimr.

The Jihad Voice Magazine: We ask ALLAH, to accept this "sacrifice", what happen after that?

The Commander of Al-Quds Brigade: During this time, we were alert and cautious, one of the brothers, suggested that we have to attack these coward, time is running, so, we all agreed, then all of us asked ALLAH to guide us to the right decision, and after the sunset prayer, we asked ALLAH again, and after Eshaa prayer, we asked ALLAH for the third time. At that time, we were wonderfully feeling deeply relaxed and sleepy, and the most wonderful, since the morning we were feeling sleepy, so, we remembered ALLAH's saying about a similar situation in the battle of Badr: {When He made the slumber fall upon you as a reassurance from him and sent down water from the sky upon you, that thereby He might purify you, and remove from you the fear of Satan, and make strong your hearts and firm (your) feet thereby}, (Al-Anfaal ; 8:11)

After Esha prayer, we went out after 9pm, exploring the situation to move out, we went out from the last place the enemy expect, ALLAH blinded their eyes of us, we climbed one of the man-made water falls, which overlooks the main road, the distance from top to ground was too high, 13m, big trees all around these water fall, there were big trees and 5m behind it, there are the concrete barriers surrounding the compound. Brother Hussein, after fixing the Kalashnikov on his back and tightening his belt, and after he throw the ammunition bag ahead of him saying: (By the name of ALLAH) and jumped, when he dropped on the floor and stayed motionless for a few moments. One of the brothers thought that he died. But due to ALLAH's kindness the floor was wet and watered due to the water fall, Hussein was not injured, we did not believe our eyes, we called him and he answered saying that he is safe and healthy. Now we came to know that this is a special dignity (Karamah = miraculous events benefiting believers) from ALLAH to us, the distance is too long. Thanks ALLAH for this Karamah. After that brother Naadir jumped, I follow then the brother Nimr, mercy on him.

The Jihad Voice Magazine: ALLAH-u-Akbar. Thanks to this great blessing and Karamah, you are now in the street?
The Commander of Al-Quds Brigade: Yes, we are now in the street and the trees block their vision to see us, all the gathered forces outside were thinking that we are still in the hotel, the time was 10:30pm, and we were too tiered and feeling sleepy, then we decided to have a rest before we attack them-only some meters is the distance between them and our place, but thank to ALLAH, he directed their attention to the hotel and providing us with this big number of trees to be as a cover, they were never thinking even 1%, that we will jump from this high fence, all brothers went to sleep for one hour while I guard them, all the brothers were sure that they will be killed, but we preferred to fight wile we are restful, so, I went to sleep, thanks ALLAH, it was tranquil and one of the best rests I ever enjoyed in my life.

After that we decided to attack, so, we gathered and strongly we asked ALLAH to help us with support from him and troops of his own. The plan was to appear all four of us at the same time and to stop the first military car we happen to meet. Nimr and Hussein will go to kill who is in it of the dogs of the American, while I go to the Hummer to engage with him and divert his attention, and brother Naadir will carry the remaining ammunition because it will slow our fast movement and to load it in the car. Then if we take the car we will go toward the security rings and engage them.

The Jihad Voice Magazine: How many you estimate the number of the soldiers?

The Commander of Al-Quds Brigade: In fact, there were a huge number of armed forces, we wanted to get the car because of the security rings, they were too large, extending by kilometres, and to get through it and we must have a car to carry us with our weapons. As soon as we appear, the soldiers looked at us with horrification as if we were ghosts. Nimr was the fastest to reach them, he ran too fast while he is saying: "ALLAH Akkbar" and firing, then we clashed with them, and we defeated them by grace, munificence and clemency of ALLAH. The soldiers around the compound were shooting, and I do not know where are they aiming at, maybe for some of them it is his first time to try a weapon!!

We destroyed two jeeps car and killed who were in it, and I killed the driver of a third jeep which caused the car to roll-over a number of times. Now we are in the middle of the street and we did not find a car to get in yet. We intended to enter into one of the nearest streets, Nimr went too fast and took a very difficult fighting poison and clashed with the Hummer, I saw the Tracer bullets which he has been shooting from his weapon starting a fire when it hit the soldier on the machine gun. We crossed the street, while the bullets were like the rain on us, and we were shooting back, it was a miracle from ALLAH and a wonderful honour from Him, we were seeing the bullets between our feet and around us, no one hurt, thanks to ALLAH. We entered the intended district, and we were able to get out of that ring, so, thanks ALLAH, and those stupid idiots were still shooting!!

We got into one of the cars, and then we start our way out. by ALLAH, I am still wondering of what happened: for about one and half or tow km, we were passing tens of armoured vehicles, patrols and soldier carriers, we were clashing with all of them, and we pass through middle of all of them, through the middle of the street that they were stationed in, sometimes with only1m distance between us and the their car!!

They blocked the street, but ALLAH ease our way out, we were fighting strongly to hurt them and to be a martyrs, but it was true when Abu Bakr said: (Seek death, you get life!)

These cowards were too terrified of the tracer bullets, we were shooting at them by the machine guns and we were throwing at them grenades manufactured by our brothers. We were saying: (ALLAH Akbar and lah Elaha Ella ALLAH), and we achieved a great victory. We broke the first ring, the second and the third. In the third ring, the hero Nimr, mercy on him, his body was out of the driving car enabling him to shoot, a bullet hit him in the middle of his chest, however, he continue to shoot, so, we passed the forth and fifth of the rings while Nimr was massively bleeding, he kept on shooting, and we pass the sixth ring, at this time Nimr fell down inside the car and he raised his pointing finger. We were shaking and moving him until we were certain that he has been killed, may ALLAH elevate up his rank in heaven.

The Jihad Voice Magazine: But one of the Salouli's (Salouli is derogatory term used instead of �Saudi�) newspapers published a different story, Saying that he is injured and one of the soldiers came and saved him?
The Commander of Al-Quds Brigade: This is not the first of their lies, I was in the hotel and see their lies on TV, and the bankruptcy of their press business, When we break through the sixth ring and reached the highway, we were not believing that we are out of all these rings of security and military forces, and now we are confident that it was the help of ALLAH, we drove nearly for 10 km, we stile want to make sure about our brother Nimr, but we are sure that he died, so, we asked ALLAH to accept him as a martyr who dipped in the enemy. We found a pick-up car belong to the National Guard, we took it, brother Naadir was in the back of the car (cargo area) with his weapon ready for engagement, if any. While we are in the road, we saw the patrols in the other side of the highway going toward the site, we pass through them and they were thinking that we are their friends (ALLAH forbid us from being their friends), ALLAH blinded them from seeing us, in spite of the fact that Naadir was in the car box carrying his weapon, but truly ALLAH said: {And We have set a bar before them and a bar behind them, and (thus) have covered them so that they see not}, (Yaseen; 36:9). We entered the city with the help of ALLAH, all what we passed through was like a dream, because of what we saw of ALLAH's Generosity and His support, so, plenty of thanks to ALLAH, when we went out, we called our brothers and met them, so, we thank ALLAH for this great victory.

The Jihad Voice Magazine: What was the time when you left the compound?

The Commander of Al-Quds Brigade: A little before the call of Fajr prayer, the strange is when I went back to the brothers, I saw the Salouli's failure forces through their more failure TV Channels, while they show some shots of their attack on the roof of the hotel in day light!! Hours after we left, during their attack, we were not at all in the area!!

The Jihad Voice Magazine: Thanks ALLAH to this victory, can you tell us about the miracles that ALLAH's generosity gave you?

The Commander of Al-Quds Brigade: By ALLAH, O brother: The most important one is the calmness that stabilized our hearts, you could swear to ALLAH that we were in a picnic, not in a boiling horror area, imagine that we were feeling slumber since the beginning of the operation, thanks ALLAH. Then ALLAH's grace supported us with this victory against the thousands. We used to read the stories of the Prophet followers and we find like these miracles. Thanks to ALLAH, it was a great experience to pass through such situation.

The Jihad Voice Magazine: One of the foolishness of the Saloulis� press is that when they published some of the Arabs testimonies in the compound, they didn't twist it in a big way as usual. The whole world heard that you were not against the Muslims nor touched them with any harm. Tell us about whom you met of the Arab and Muslims, and how they felt about the situation?

The Commander of Al-Quds Brigade: Thanks ALLAH, in fact, this operation was a great victory from ALLAH, tens of people new the Mujahideen demands and they saw it by their own eyes, many of them were asking ALLAH to let us win, some of the Indian and Pakistani Muslims were saying with us: "ALLAH Akbar ", and when we told them the name of our brigade (Al-Quds Brigade) they said: we want to go with you to Al-Quds!! We also made a Qur�aan circle for some of them when we were at the hotel, and when we meet an Arab or a Muslim wearing like the faithless or if he didn't look like a Muslim, we advice him to keep away from these compounds that the ('Ilj)s are living in, and also we advice them to adhere the Muslims style, so, no body will be compelled to ask them: are you Muslims or not? We found an Iraqi Muslim carrying the American nationality and he was terrified of us, so, we informed him that we didn't come to kill Muslims.

The Jihad Voice Magazine: What is the story of the Egyptian child they claim that you killed him?

The Commander of Al-Quds Brigade: When we went out of the first company, there was a parked car � the one in which they claim the Egyptian child was killed � we came to the car and we found a man from the Arab Peninsula (as they say: a Saudi) he opened the door and runaway, we didn't see anybody in the car. May be the child - if he was there as they claim � was hidden under the seats. When we moved on, the patrols came and when they saw the body of their colleague, they thought that this car (the one they claim that the child was in), was our car. So, they rained a fire of bullets on it and they killed the Child, mercy on him. When I arrived to the brothers, I new that through their media they announced that we killed the child, this is not strange, their media is professionally a failure, and what can stop them to lying?

The Jihad Voice Magazine: Did you pass through uncommon situations?

The Commander of Al-Quds Brigade: Yes, during our search for the ('Ilj)s, we passed some Muslims offices from the Arabian peninsula, their eyes were looking at us strangely, while we were speaking to them, saying: O brothers, don't be afraid, we don't kill Muslims, we want the red ('Ilj)s. Oh youngsters, how are you. We continued like this until they experienced no more fear, and some of them start laughing with us and guiding us to the places of the ('Ilj)s.

The Jihad Voice Magazine: How many were killed from the Emergency Forces and the Army?

The Commander of Al-Quds Brigade: I'm sure that we killed a lot of those who defend the ('Ilj)s, the American and idols. What a bad and miserable choice for themselves to meet ALLAH being killed for the sake of Bush, Rumsfield and Nayef bin Abdelazeez!!

The Jihad Voice Magazine: Through the Salouli's media, they announced that you detained some hostages, and you went out while you use them as a shield, what is the truth of this?

The Commander of Al-Quds Brigade: That is absolutely not the truth, what happened is what I mentioned previously, that we collected who remained from the Arabs and the Muslims and we asked them to go upstairs, so, they can't be shut by those killers who killed the Egyptian child, only because they were suspicious about the car, and we stayed downstairs in the building to engage with them when they attack. I laughed a lot about that Lebanese whom they show on TV as if he is one of the hostages. I consider this fabrication of the hostages� story as a cover for their great failure to capture us or to protect the compound. So, when they stormed it appears as if they have freed the hostages. The fact is never there were hostages, for what we take hostages? we were wanting those cowards to attack and we want to dia, when we waited for them more than enough, we attacked them as I reported before. They fell here clearly in a contradiction: Their media reproduced many reports about our good dealing with Arabs and Muslims inside the compound, never the less they say: we were using them as human shields!!

The Jihad Voice Magazine: What about the two brothers Abdurrahman and Abdulazeez Alghamdi (killed two days later in Tayif), mercy on them? The Salouli media claimed they were with you?!

The Commander of Al-Quds Brigade: First of all, I say: they admitted that we are only four, and I'm one of them and still alive, the second is Nimr and the third was Hussein (one of 26), and you (The Jihad Voice Magazine) publicised these facts before the death of the brothers in Tayif. It's well known that the two brothers Abdurrahman and Abdulazeez are not from the 26, and the fourth brother Naadir and not one the two Ghamedies. Now they are trying to cover up their great failure by any mean or allegation. If they would think rationally, they will know that even if it were true that they (Abdurrahman and Abdulazeez Alghamdi) were with us, it will be a scandal for them showing that they couldn�t catch them but in Tayif!! And how far is Tayif (in the far west of Arabia) from the East?!!

Thanks ALLAH that they are confused, and all plotting has been reduced to whispers of lies. I beg ALLAH to accept our brothers in Tayif and let us follow them (in martyrdom) neither disgraced nor deviant.

The Jihad Voice Magazine: Was any one injured?

The Commander of Al-Quds Brigade: A very minor injury, Brother Hussein broke car�s front glass by his hand, so, he was injured, and all of us are otherwise in good health, thank ALLAH. We, I and the personnel of my brigade, pledge to ALLAH to participate in like of this operation again, by ALLAH�s Grace.

The Jihad Voice Magazine:Thanks ALLAH for your safety. We beg Him to write firmly your reward and to heal your chests as you healed our chests and the chests of the Muslims around the world (from the pain of anger). We beg ALLAH also to firm our feet and yours on the path of Jihaad until we meet him in His Pleasure.

Greetings, Peace and Blessings be on our Messenger Muhammad and His holy House and noble Companions.




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