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Wan Nadiah Budak Harvard
 Posted on Isnin, 28 Julai 2003 @ 10:00:31oleh Hanan
Semasa Satu pagi TV3 ada interview Wan Nadiah, satu satunya pelajar Malaysia yang diterima masuk ke Universiti Harvard tahun ini. Interesting person. At least she doesn't think or behave like the typical "square" straight A student.

Soalan-soalan yang ditanya - mengenai falsafah hidupnya, isu-isu semasa, etc - mampu dijawab intelligently dan berisi. It was quite obvious that she had a life beyond studies alone, and the support and guidance she got from her parents was quite apparent (her father was also on the show).

A balanced young person with a positive outlook on life. Kalaulah semua straight A student Malaysia macam ni, alhamdulillah tak lamalah kita akan sampai taraf negara membangun.

Dah dekat hujung tu, mamat TV3 tu tanya satu soalan yang pada saya bodoh dan tak payah tanya....

apa lah agaknya soalan bodoh yang mamat TV3 itu tanya....please Read More....

"Kenapa agaknya pelajar Melayu lemah?"
Jawab Wan Nadiah, "Ia tak ada kena mengena dengan bangsa."

Smart girl. No wonder she got into Harvard. Despite what our pasti (and present) colonial masters have been trying to convince us,laziness or lack of ambition has nothing to do with race. It's got everything to do with attitude and the environment around you (including the family environment). This is why parenting is such an important component in the development of a healthy society. (Heheh... promote sikit). You want your children to succeed, you'd better be there for them.

Unfortunately, this myth of the lazy Malay continues to be propagated today by our own people. These are also the people who would like to keep the Malays lazy by making them dependent on Government aid in almost every aspect of their lives. It's how they make sure that the Malays will continue to support them. But that's a story for another day.

For today, let's look at this issue, which is nothing new. Dah banyak pakar pendidikan dan intelektual Melayu / tak Melayu yang berbicara tentang isu ni. Tapi masih juga ditakuk lama. I suppose that shows there is no easy answer to the question.

Having kept up with the issue of racial myths since my university days, I've got a few opinions / theories of my own. Kebanyakannya I'm sure you would have heard before from people who are far better at explaining themselves than me. But what the heck... it's another slow day at the office for me.

Here's a trivia about Wan Nadiah:
Ibunya berbangsa Cina. It was not mentioned on the programme this morning, but I came across it in a newspaper several weeks ago when Harvard was first announced her entry. I read two newspapers that day, satu Bahasa Inggeris dan yang lagi satu bahasa Melayu. Yang peliknya, the English newspaper didn't mention anything about her mother being Chinese; it was the Malay newspaper that broadcast the fact.

That the Malay newspaper saw fit to reveal this was illuminating. So what? Are we supposed to now say, "Oh, patutlah pandai, boleh masuk Harvard, sebab mak dia Cina!"?? Gimme a break.

I'm not taking away the excellence that some Chinese people - including my friends - have shown. But let's not sell ourselves short, eh. There are plenty of smart Malays around, and they're just as good if not better. Race has nothing to do with it, so let's stop fixating on this as if it's the only thing that matters.

"Oh, dia Cina, patutlah pandai berniaga." "Oh, dia tu Melayu patutlah jadi penagih." "Oh, dia tu India, patutlah kuat mencuri." Bollocks!

There are a few reasons why I think Malay students are under- performing:

1. Malays are native to this country. Go to almost any country in the world: immigrants will outperform natives, simply because they have
nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Natives, on the other hand, don't have to work so much because most of what they need are provided for them.

"A-ha!", some of you may be thinking. "But what about Americans and Australians?" Well, white people are not native to those countries remember?

2. Melayu mudah berpuas hati. This, I understand, is part of Islamic teaching. I'm not saying it's not a good value to have. Tapi, "berpuas hati dengan apa yang ada" doesn't mean we should not strive to get the best we can out of life. Where it is "wrong" is when some people say "tak payahlah usaha susah- susah, nanti kaya susah masuk syurga." When I was growing up there
was a prevailing attitude that we should not try to be too rich or too famous. For some reason, some people seem to think that Islam prefers its followers to be poor. I don't think this is right. Do

3. Melayu tak ada long-term vision. We seem to work only for ourselves and our own families. Pandangan kita setakat pintu maut masing-masing sahaja. Unlike the Chinese, who work for the future
generations. I remember when I was young, I overheard this one apek telling my grandfather, "Ini kebun saya buat bukan saya sendiri mahu makan. Ini untuk saya punya anak punya anak."

Same thing with their businesses. But that's already beginning to change. Even some of my Chinese friends agree that the new generation of Chinese children are becoming narrow-minded and short-sighted.
Kerja nak enjoy. "Cina sudah jadi Melayu lah," said one guy.

4. Anak-anak Melayu tak dapat sokongan keluarga. A positive family background is important to the success of an individual. Kalau di
rumah asyik kena perli atau kena sindir (cara ramai melayu "mendidik" anak), mana nak naik? Kalau asyik kena larang - ini tak boleh, jangan buat itu, etc - mana nak naik.

For the time being, as a summary, I would say the main sources of the problem ada tiga:

1. Salah interpretasi kehendak Islam.
2. Sebab Melayu tak ada insentif nak usaha lebih.
3. rasa tak puas hati atau berdengki bila kawan-kawan tu lebih sikit dari dia. Come on guys what u should do is give them your support & janganlah ada perasaan- PHD (Perasaan Hasad Dengki). Macamana nak MAJU.
(please. refer to sebab-sebab kejatuhan Kerajaan Melayu MELAKA - zaman nenek moyang kita dululah-malas nak cerita panjang-panjang - faham-faham sendirilah beb)




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Re: Wan Nadiah Budak Harvard
oleh nahwan pada Jumaat, 09 Januari 2004 @ 12:18:06
(Info AHLI)

nak komen sket ye...kalu buleh artikel kalu nak cakap melayu..cakap teruslah melayu...jgn campo aduk ngan bahasa inggeris..satu perenggan melayu.,.satu perenggan omputih..x elok la...kan? selamatkan bahasa kiter...jgn campo2...x menarik la..kan?
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