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 Posted on Ahad, 22 Ogos 2004 @ 11:13:52oleh Hanan
Kreatif nurul_aishah menulis This is the story of an average human
From his story there is so much to learn
�I work through life working day and night
Let me tell you of my miserable plight

Before that, let me thank Allah Most Merciful too
That�s why I�m sharing my story with you
From young I was told I had to be the best
I must learn to score for my exams and tests

I studied hard to be the top in class
So that my friends will respect me with all the fuss
In my youth days, I was actually insecure
So much temptations and many are impure

I prayed sparingly but it didn�t help me
Why couldn�t I feel that Allah was watching me?
I wanted to be the cream of the cake
I didn�t allow myself to make a single mistake

I wanted more friends and also be praised
When I didn�t get complimented, I felt so dazed
I began to doubt myself again and again
Was I not good enough or was I insane?

I was feeling inadequate for my lack of looks

Was I too fat, short, or did my smile give the spooks?
I learnt to dress up in trendy clothes bought from stores
I wanted people to look at me and say �wow� in awe

I wanted to be adored, praised and be popular
Success to me is to be top scholar
I wanted to shower myself in fame
I also hoped to earn a big name

I studied hard and topped my school
I believe that to make friends, success is a tool
Whenever my friends was just beside
I felt the pressure to display my witty side

I�m afraid my friends would leave me if I�m not nice enough
So I bought them gifts and other good stuff
Branded clothes, car, intelligence and friends indeed
You may think I have all that I need

But I�m still unhappy inside and I don�t even know why
Was I not good enough, too ugly or too shy?
At work, I pleased my boss to show him I was the best
I treated my colleagues lunch and sacrificed all my rest

I was afraid that my boss disliked me if I lazed about
In front of him, I did my best and tried to stand out
Then I climbed the corporate ladder and be my own boss
Finally, I was successful but I was still in a loss

I was cheerful outside but scared inside
I was not even sure what I�m doing is right
I looked around to see all my best friends
I wonder if they still like me if my wealth ends?

I cannot bear to face rejection or even fail
If I become poor and old, will my friendships be stale?
I work hard, but who am I trying to impress?
The fear of losing my reputation is causing me stress

I want friends to respect me forever and ever
I could imagine my friendship to sever
But alas! My business failed me terribly
I was down with illness and suffered painfully

All the people whom I thought were faithful friends
Left me because my status has no stands
I'm left alone and wonder whether it is true?
To make good friends, wealth matters too?

I looked at the side of my bed and saw the Quran
Guilt enveloped me because the Quran I have read none
Since I was alone and feeling so bored
I explored the Quran to know about Allah the Lord

True Muslim friends start to befriend me
It doesn't matter whoever I�ll be
They accept me and love me despite my flaws
I don�t have to make them like me by using force

I don�t have to impress Allah with my witty charm
I already know Allah loves us and protects us from harm
With Allah�s help, we can attain peace in self
So let�s put doubt back in Satan�s shelf

If there are problems with work and with main
Please remember that it�s part of Allah�s plan
Ask from Allah because He listens to us always
Allah will help us with His Kindness and Grace

I met a man who is unfortunately blind
He then advised me with words so kind
He said, �Love yourself and be grateful for what you are
You owe it to Allah for coming this far

Allah loves us and makes us Muslims
But many people don�t appreciate it, it seems
It doesn�t matter if we�re poor or earn less
Allah loves who we are and He cares

Don�t do good deeds if you do it for show
Or else your spiritual status will sink below
If you�re humble, do good deeds and pray to Allah Most Wise
You can earn yourself a place in Paradise

Good Muslims overcome worries and insecurity
They are unfazed even if they are treated with hostilit

Why be a slave to affluence and glamour?
Why worry if we are not witty with humour?

Always be yourself, dear brother, have no pretence
Allah will still love you, even if you don't have any fans
Why be afraid, dear brother, when friends shun away
When Allah is there for you it's always that way.�

After the blind man left, my mind started working
I was still surprised and truth starts coming
It seems that I may be a boss or lying here poor
But good Muslims greet me with salam, a smile and no fear

I kept wondering, what is success to me?
Is it about having friends, or earning a good degree?
I had all these and yet I was not satisfied
Could it be because that Allah was not on my side?

Then I realise that I have been foolish
My insecurity is the one that was my leash
Why was I ungrateful to Allah Most Great?
Allah is helping us all the way as Fate

Oh! I�m ashamed for being so proud
When my success was actually a passing cloud!
Now I realise my great big mistake
So I do more good deeds now with sincerity and no fake

Let�s learn from this life and tread the virtuous road
Remember that this world is only a temporary abode
Now I live through my life devoted to the Islamic cause
And repent, so Allah will love me despite my flaws.

Remember true success is not about having lots of friends
In fact, it is about passing Allah�s tests
Happiness is not about showing off your generous

In fact, it's about the attitude of your heart

Say: �I like who I am and I'm glad to be me
I love being a Muslim and Allah sets my heart free!
I can feel in my mind and in my little heartbone
I confess - with Allah around, I know I'm never alone.�

Udiyana Jamaluddin, S�pore ([email protected] Aug 03)




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