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Topik: Tunas Taqwa Fun Club-An Islamic fun clubs for Malaysian kids!

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Oleh Tunas Taqwa Fun Club-An Islamic fun clubs for Malaysian kids!

Menyertai: 12.01.2005
Ahli No: 13668
Posting: 414
Dari: United Kingdom


posticon Posting pada: 23-02-09 17:32

Assalamualaikum WBT

Yang dihormati pakcik makcik,abang- abang kakak-kakak, saudara saudari sekalian,

Jika tuan-tuan dan puan-puan mempunyai anak,ataupun bakal mempunyai anak di masa hadapan,maka kami ada berita baik untuk anda...Email ini adalah berkenaan tentang satu laman web khas untuk kanak-kanak yang berunsurkan Islam yang mempunyai pelbagai aktiviti-aktiviti menarik dan interaktif yang boleh dilakukan oleh anak-anak tuan puan,yang pada masa yang sama mengasah iman,kemahiran intelek dan imaginasi mereka.


Tunas Taqwa Fun Club is created by Majlis Syura Muslimun(MSM) , a Malaysian Student Department-register ed organization in UK and Eire through one of its biro by the name of Biro Tarbiyyatul Aulad(Biro Pendidikan Anak-anak)

As a leading Malaysian Islamic organization in the UK and Eire, we see the creation of this club as a promising start towards promoting Islamic learning and activities targeting specifically Malaysians' children in the overseas as well as those in our homeland Malaysia.

In this club you can encourage your children to become a member, to submit any form of writings,drawings, and colourings, family pictures, or they can just enjoy our fabulous collection of Islamic videos,cartoons, and songs.

In addition to that they can sharpen their artistic skills with our highly interactive TTFC Art section,taking care of penguins and fishes in the TTFC Pets, and also some mind challenging Games!.

In our Blogs section, we want to provide the platform for our future leaders/journalists /and Sasterawan Negaras to express their minds out.They are welcomed to write about absolutely anything under the sun(and beyond,even) .

Another interesting feature that your kids can greatly benefit from is we're getting live feeds of the news from BBC which has been tailored to suit childrens' level.Im sure you would agree that this would insya allah greatly widen their perspective and develop their intelligence very early on..

There is also section on parenting where we will insya allah try to upload useful articles and tips on parenting from Islamic point of view from time to time.

Because of the law of our server's provider we are unable to formally register new members that are below 13.While this could be seen as a hindrance of what supposed to be a children's club in the first place,we totally abide by the term and regulation of the network provider .Therefore we simply encourage over13s to register on their own while the parents with below 13s may register on behalf of their kid(s).In other words, parents menggunakan tarikh lahir parents jika anak below 13.

We also highly recommend those of you who are not quite parents yet(read:UGs) but will be in future(iA), to register to show your support to earn yourself an advantage of being able to access more functions in this site like writing comments and uploading your videos and pictures.

We welcome any comments and suggestions from each and everyone of you,and that means your little ones' opinions are as valuable as well as yours.Do tell us what they like about us and whether they have any interesting ideas themselves-rest assured we'll do our best to listen to those ideas insya allah!

Till then,hope your kids and yourself enjoy this website.May this club be the tiny little thing that is needed to strenghten the beautiful bond between you and your children even more and may Allah reward all of us for all our efforts and participations.


tunastaqwa.ning. com

Mohammad Asyraf Maaroff
4th year Medical Student
University of Nottingham,UK
Founder dan Chief Moderator TTFC



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