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Topik: Scale problem of Roots vacuum pump unit

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Oleh Scale problem of Roots vacuum pump unit

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Menyertai: 08.05.2020
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posticon Posting pada: 08-05-20 15:52

Scale problem of Roots vacuum pump unit

After using roots vacuum pump unit for a period of time, the problem of scaling is very common. Although this is not a very serious problem, if we can't deal with it well, then small problems will become big problems. Therefore, if we want to make the product more useful, we should pay attention to all the problems.

In the paper industry, the working medium of Roots vacuum pump unit (i.e. make-up liquid) is mainly tap water or paper white water. Due to the high hardness of tap water and the complex metal ion composition in white water, it is said that the internal fluid components of vacuum pump will form scale after a long-term physical and chemical process under such medium conditions.

After scaling, the pumping rate of Roots vacuum pump unit will be reduced. As there is scale between the impeller blades and on the inlet and exhaust windows, the volume of the sealed chamber is obviously reduced, and the volume of the inlet and outlet gas is naturally reduced. When the scale almost fills the space between the blades or the inlet and exhaust windows are almost filled with scale, the intake and exhaust volume is almost zero, and the vacuum pump also loses the function of vacuum extraction.

After scaling, not only the pumping rate is reduced, but also the power consumption is increased. Due to the formation of scale, the exhaust window is reduced, and the compression ratio of the gas in the small room is increased when it is discharged from the window, resulting in the increase of power consumption, which is about 10%.

Through the above introduction, we all know the harm of scale to roots vacuum pump unit, so this problem is worthy of the attention of customers, and at the same time, we should also pay attention to the impact of the use environment when using vacuum pump. In fact, for mechanical equipment, if there is too much scale, it may affect the efficiency and service life of the equipment, so I hope you can pay more attention to it.

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industrial vacuum pumps,vacuum furnaces

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