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Barangsiapa mengambil serakah sebagai kebiasaan, ia menurunkan harga dirinya sendiri, barangsiapa membeberkan kesukaran –kesukarannya, ia menyetujui penghinaan, dan barangsiapa memperkenankan lidahnya menguasai jiwa, ia akan mengaibkan jiwanya
Saidina Ali

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buat sahabat muslimah semua,
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melihat gambar sendiri rupanya :)

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Oleh dari Jamal Badawi

Menyertai: 16.06.2003
Ahli No: 1731
Posting: 855
Dari: Johor

Johor   avatar

posticon Posting pada: 12-07-05 10:06

dari. Jamal Badawi : "Without doubt the best known Muslim speaker in the west for the last 2 decades."




dari. Jamal Badawi

Since time immemorial, the status of women has been a greatly discussed topic. In Islam, very often this issue is clouded by the diverse cultural practices of Muslims and often does not reflect the true teachings of Islam. One major source of misconceptions on Islam, a discussion on the status, role, rights, responsibilities of women in Islam is almost certainly guaranteed a keen audience and very often intense and passionate moments. Are we equal partners or are we lesser beings?

Muslim Professionals Forum is honoured to host dari. Jamal Badawi, a world-renowned scholar, who will be addressing these matters so close to our hearts.

dari. Jamal Badawi : "Without doubt the best known Muslim speaker in the west for the last 2 decades."

A much-acclaimed scholar, one doesn't know where to begin when writing about him. This highly sought after lecturer was born and raised in Egypt, and it was in Cairo that dari. Badawi started his career as a student. He received his bachelors from Ain Shams University (Cairo, Egypt). Upon receiving the degree, he headed for America, and enrolled in Indiana University (Bloomington, IN) where he received both his Masters and doctorate in the department of Business Administration.

A professor at Saint Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, dari. Badawi is currently a cross-appointed faculty member in the Departments of Religious Studies and Management and also sits on the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) Fiqh Council.

An excellent orator on various pertinent topics, especially Islam and Christianity, he is also very active in journalism and broadcasting. He has researched, designed, and presented a 350 1/2 hour segment television series on Islam, which was shown on many TV stations in Canada, the US, and other countries, as well. Some titles of his published works are: Selected prayers, Gender Equity in Islam, Muhammad in the Bible, Status of Women in Islam, Polygamy in Islamic Law, Islam: A Brief Look, Muslim Woman's Dress According to the Qur'an and the Sunnah and Islamic Ethics.

His papers and lectures are available on various Internet sites some of which are

www.islamonline.net , www.islamicity.com and www.soundvision.com.

dari. Badawi is father of five children and grandfather of 15 (so far!).

Date : Tuesday, 19th July, 2005
Place : Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam (KGPA), Bukit Kiara
Time : 12.00 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Enquiries :
Siti Jamilah 012 371 8518
Asnah Ahmad 012 210 0577
Azra Banu 019 282 4500

*Entrance is by a minimum contribution of RM 20


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